A White-winged Scoter!

white-winged scoter cape 2011
Seeing a White-winged Scoter was also a treat. I've seen one only once before and was too far away for decent pictures. For my son, this was one for the life-list.

white winged scoter cape february
The male White-winged Scoter has has a distinctive comma-shaped white patch around it's eyes. It's eye's are white, as well.

white-winged scoter cape two 2011
Male White-winged Scoter either preening or scratching an itch.

white-winged scoter cape feb
White-winged scoter at sea.

white-winged scoter  sleeping
I believe this Scoter was attempting to nap on the frigid ocean waters until we interrupted him.

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  1. You got some really neat images of this bird, Susan. It's one that would like to see close-up too.


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