Scaups on Cape Cod

male scaups
These are two male Scaups. Greater or Lesser? I don't know. I am pretty sure we saw both, but since these were the very first scaups I ever saw, I can't be sure. Life-lister!

male female greater or lesser scaups cape cod
Female scaups have a white ring around their bill. I can't swear that these three are all the same species, though.

pair greater scaups cape cod
I thought this pair were Greater Scaups - but now I realize I was mistaken.

male greater or lesser scaups cape cod
These are male Scaups.

female scaup
This one is female. More than that I don't know. Someone else will have to tell me if it is a Greater Scaup or a Lesser Scaup! ( Consensus = All Lesser Scaups)


  1. I'd say all Lesser Scaups in your photos based on head shape and small black nail on the bill. Greaters tend to have rounder heads and larger black nail on the bill.

  2. Greetings Susan, Based upon the shape of the head on the males, I believe they are lesser scaup. Your first photo is amazingly clear. Really nice shot!


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