One Camera Destroyed, But Still Trying!

I'm not complaining or anything, but things have been even tougher since I destroyed an expensive camera and an equally expensive lens during Bird-a-thon.  Actually,  Mother Nature was wholly responsible for the carnage - I was 100% innocent. 

I'm devastated, discouraged, dismayed, and despondent about my sandblasted Nikon D7000 and my beloved Tamron 200-500 lens.  It was the freakiest thing you could imagine, really.  Tom and I were sitting together on the beach at Sandy Neck in Sandwich when a terrific blast of wind sent a ton of sand right in my face.  I had sand that felt like glass in my eyes, sand in my nose, mouth, ears, hair and every inch of skin - exposed or not.  Far worse was how much sand got deep into every crevice of the lens and camera, and even blasted a nice windswept pattern on the front lens itself. 

Tom just happened to be facing in the other diresction, and he didn't even notice the sandstorm until he noticed the tears as my eyes tried to expel the little razor blades behind both eyelids.  I'm always the lucky one in the family!

I'm pretty sure the camera is no longer under warranty, and I am afraid to find out that the lens won't be covered because I didn't register it in time or something.  I mean, I think I did, but knowing me . . .

All of these were taken with the Nikon D300 and Tom's Tamron 200-500.  His stuff is still in flawless condition, while I am royally screwed.  Go figure!