My Carolina Wrens

One of a pair of California Wrens nesting somewhere near my yard (but not in it!)

I love these guys. I still vividly remember the first time I ever saw one, almost 20 years ago.

I like the light on this one.

I love the facial expression on this guy.

I just love everything about Carolina Wrens!


More Flowers for Karen

flowers rain II

More spring flowers! These are in the exact same location as the crocuses were a few weeks ago!

white flowers rain
I think the white one looks pretty decorated with raindrops.

flowers rain III
The previous owner is responsible for the almost magical transformation from one type of flower to another.

flowers rain IV


Windy Spring Day

springtime downy
Windy Spring afternoon Downy

springtime downy 2
Windy Spring afternoon Downy 2

springtime house finch
Windy Spring afternoon finch

Windy Spring afternoon finch 2

spring grackle
Windy Spring afternoon Starling


The Last Snowstorm of 2011

last storm cardinal two
Male Cardinal April Framingham Snowstorm

last storm cardinal
Male Cardinal April Framingham Snowstorm II

last storm female cadinal2
Female Cardinal April Framingham Snowstorm

last storm female cardinal
Female Cardinal April Framingham Snowstorm II

last storm sparrow
Female Sparrow April Framingham Snowstorm


Great Blue Herons are back!

Great Blues are back! These photos aren't great, but it was WAY too windy to manage a big lens.

The males are flying back and forth to get nesting materials to repair the used nests from last year.

I predict there will be far fewer Great Blues this year than last (and last year there were less than the year before) Does anybody remember why I have such a gloomy outlook about this?

The birds are constantly flying back and forth over route 9 near the Jefferson Apartments. Check it out!


More Ring-necked Ducks in Framingham!

ring-necked male march 19
A handsome male Ring-necked Duck on the Sudbury River in Framingham. Can you see the ring on his neck?

little ring-neckedA slightly smaller Ring-necked Duck. This one didn't get the girl in the end. I noticed that he was more brown than light gray on his sides.

ring-necked female march 19
Here is the female Ring-necked Duck. She is very popular and very attractive in her own right. She has a ringed bill and a ringed neck if you really look hard.

reflected ring-necked
The bigger Ring-necked male was swimming so strongly that he made a wake!