Great Blue Herons are back!

Great Blues are back! These photos aren't great, but it was WAY too windy to manage a big lens.

The males are flying back and forth to get nesting materials to repair the used nests from last year.

I predict there will be far fewer Great Blues this year than last (and last year there were less than the year before) Does anybody remember why I have such a gloomy outlook about this?

The birds are constantly flying back and forth over route 9 near the Jefferson Apartments. Check it out!


  1. remind us. why the gloomy outlook?

  2. It's the Cormorants. They are taking over the rookery, and they leave destruction in their wake. After a few years there is no vegetation left, and nothing alive in the water, either. States as close as New York have programs in place to kill them to keep them out of heronries. I love Cormorants, but I'd kill them too if it would save my rookery. God help me for being so heartless, but it is like dealing with an invasive species. It's horrible.

  3. Great to see these majestic Herons back again Susan but I can understand your frustration viz the Cormorants.

    Is there any other likely nesting habitat nearby. In my experience our Grey Herons often take a season or two to relocate if they are constantly disturbed.

  4. I spotted one of these at Allen's Pond in Westport not long ago. It did not let me get close at all.


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