Cape Cod Common Goldeneyes

common goldeneye cape feb
A beautiful look at a Common Goldeneye off the coast of Falmouth. You can see why they are named "Goldeneyes," right?

common goldeneye male
This was not my first sighting of a Common Goldeneye, but it was the first time I managed to get some acceptable photos.

goldeneye cape feb 2011
In the first photo, his head appeared green; in the second it looks black. Here you can see a little bit of the iridescent green sheen on his head.

female goldeneye
This is a bad photo of a female Goldeneye. She was nowhere near the male in the photos above. Strangely enough, she looks nothing like the female Goldeneye I saw last year in Framingham (see next pic).

male female goldeneye feb 2010
Of course, it was snowing like crazy last year when I shot this picture, and I didn't half a great lens like I have now. The difference in lighting and the different lens must explain why the female appears to be so different in the two photos.


  1. Wow, you did really good with the waterfowl. I never seem to be able to get close enough. More patience or a bigger lens needed, I guess. :)

  2. Thankks for posting one of my favourite 'winter' ducks Susan.
    The light value, especially when reflected off the water, has more of an effect on the subjects colour than the lens in my experience.


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