Buffleheads (AKA Buffalo Heads)

buffleheads 2
I have trouble photographing Buffleheads and other black and white birds. Is it only me?

buffleheads 1
Buffleheads are the smallest ducks there are. The males only weigh about 1 pound! Despite the fact that they are teeny, tiny birds . . .

buffleheads females
They are called Buffalo Heads (shortened to Buffleheads long ago) because their heads are large in comparison to their bodies. Female Buffleheads weigh even less than males - usually much less than a pound!

female buffleheads taking off
My son, Pete Wrublewski, took these photos of female buffleheads in flight. I was amazed that he was able to get the shots because these babies are FAST when flying!

female buffleheads flying 2
More Buffleheads in flight thanks to photographer Pete Wrublewski.

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  1. Nah, Buffleheads are TOUGH! A black and white bird, black eye in a black forehead and skittish of having things pointed at them such as guns and cameras. They are TOUGH! You done good!


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