Gorgeous Wood Ducks in Framingham!

wood duck sudbury river feb 2011This was the first day I've been birding on my own in over two months! And what am I lucky enough to see? My favorite duck - the Wood Duck!

wood duck 2 24 2011
Anyway, I just knew I'd find ducks on the Sudbury River today! Why? Because I did a year ago today, of course!

wood duck sudbury river feb 24 11
In my opinion, Wood Ducks are not only the most colorful and prettiest ducks we have around here - they are also one of the coolest duck species in existence!

wood duck sudbury river feb 24 2011
Wood Ducks nest in TREES! They are often found in groups that include Hooded Mergansers (another favorite!), and sometimes lay their eggs in the wrong nest. Why is that cool? Because Woodies and Hoodies simply raise each others babies as their own!

mallard hiding framingham feb
I saw something large slip into the underbrush, which turned out to be a male mallard. He was much more shy than the Wood Duck.


  1. Hi Susan. A very stylish duck. You may wish to take a look at its close couzin:


  2. Just as amazing as the appearance of these gorgeous and gaudy ducks is the sight of bare ground after this snowy winter!

  3. Lucky indeed! Wood Ducks generally are not accepting of humans getting close.


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