Red-breasted Merganser - LIFE-LISTER from Cape Cod

red-breasted merganser cape cod canal
Pete drove me down the cape to go birding yesterday - my first time out in 5 weeks! He even drove me from place to place so I hardly had to walk. What a great son, right? Anyway, guess what I got at our very first stop? A pair of Red-breasted Mergansers! A new species for my lifelist! These two Mergansers were right on the Cape Cod Canal. Isn't he beautiful? Today every bone in my body hurts, but it was WAY worth it!

female red breasted merganser cape jan
I love how this female's bright orange bill (which is also serrated, by the way!) is shining in the sun. She seems to be posing!

red-breasted merganser catching a fish
This is the photo I am most proud of because my mentor and friend, vidterry, said it was 'The best action shot of a Merganser' he's ever seen. Terry is the best photographer I know, so I am so proud I could pop! In fact, I'm grinning so much my face hurts!

red breasted merganser cape cod canal
Yesterday was like a gift from the universe to compensate for all the problems engulfing my life these days. The weather was perfect, and I got to see many of the winter ducks I've been hoping for. To tell the truth, I thought the Red-breasted Merganser males were much more attractive than I had expected. Much prettier than Common Mergansers (I know. Shame on me for being sentimental and superficial. Sorry.)

happy red breasted merganser
I love this picture, too. This is after he ate the fish, and he looks very pleased with himself. In fact, he appears to be grinning with delight, doesn't he?


  1. What a wonderful series! Congrats!!

  2. Wonderful photos! I sure hope you feel better soon,so sorry you are so sick:(

  3. Lovely shots Susan. Had 2 of them myself today on the Hayle estuary in Cornwall but alas - they were both redhead females. Lovely birds though and glad you got out.


  4. I stumbled here via Shooting My Universe. I live in AZ part of the year and I LOVE his East Coast photos, so different from my world! Your bird photos are lovely.

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get out. I just read your previous post and my head is spinning. They really should take that stuff off the market! Your son is so sweet to take you out and about. Sons are great--Matty would do the same for me I'm sure (if he could drive... :-). The photos are fab. I've never been able to get a decent shot of one of these beauties...love the color you captured, and the action shot is definitely tops.

  6. Fabulous photos of the Rd Merg! The ones of the male are utterly captivating. You should submit them somewhere. ?National Geographic?


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