Loons in Winter

common loon III cape feb 2011
I love loons. I love loons so much that I took about 20 pictures of this one, not realizing till later that he hadn't moved throughout.

common loon II cape feb 2011
Loons must be pretty mellow. A merganser would have struck 20 poses in the same amount of time.

loon bill back
Loons in winter plumage aren't as gorgeous as when they wear their black and white checkerboard colors, but I still am crazy (as a loon) for loons!

last loon 2
Pete took the last loon photos from the car as we were heading home. In this photo, the loon looks like he's smiling!

last loon
He looks pretty cheery here. too - despite the bitter cold.


  1. Great shots. I watched 4 common loons along the bridge to Duxbury beach diving for crabs as the tide was going out. What an amazing tide yesterday.


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