Ring-necked Ducks with Ringed Necks!

two ringed necks displayed
Usually it is very difficult to see the crimson ring around their necks that gave this species the name Ring-necked Duck. These two were very cooperative, however.

ringnecked pair
It is much easier to see the ringed bill than the ringed neck - especially from a distance. You can see why they are often erroneously called ring-billed ducks.

ringnecked pair 3
The female Ring-necked gave equal time to both her male companions.

ring necked group
The two males have slightly different plumages. I don't know if the one on the far left is still molting or if he's a juvenile.

ring-necked takeoff
Ring-necked Duck walking (well, running, actually) on water.


  1. Great shots of the rings around the necks. I've never been able to spot them. Who would have thunk?

  2. Absolutely fabulous Ring neck shots! WOW! I know just how hard it is to get good images of these guys and gals and you have just nailed it. Way to go! You've got me hungering for the water to open up around here so they'll stop by.


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