Yellow-Rumped Warbler(s)

black white yellow bird
Monday was a very exciting day for me. Getting a good shot of a Great Blue Heron was the highlight of my whole year, but other good things happened too. One was FINALLY finding and photographing some warblers! This guy is a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I am sure of it.

grey bird
This could also be a Yellow-rumped warbler in more fall-like plumage. I wouldn't swear to it, but my research seems to support that ID.

unknown bird butt
This is the butt end of some sort of warbler - maybe a Yellow-rumped, as well.

foss warbler 10 09
I have become so confused about these warblers that I think this sparrow might really be a Yellow-rumped warbler! Compare him to this photo, for instance.  See any similarities?

2 foss yrw unk
Despite looking very sparrowish, he fits more than a few of the Yellow-rumped warbler criteria!

As you may have noticed, I really need to spend more time learning about warblers before attempting to identify them!  But I nailed it on the first one!  I think I did, anyway . . .

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  1. hahaha! You made me laugh. The Great Blue in the previous post is gorgeous!!! Love that flight photo...


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