A Gallery of the Best New England Bird Photos

The text below introduces a collection of New England Bird photos that will astound you!

"Best New England Bird Photos
A gallery on Flickr curated by NaturFramingham

Here are some of the very best photos ever taken of New England birds! These are all birds that have been sighted here in New England; most of the pictures were taken here, as well.  I don't know the photographers, but I am in awe of their skills! Just finding some of these birds is an accomplishment for most of us. These talented people not only find birds; they get perfect photos of them, too!

 I started to use the bird images on flickr for 'fact-checking' my blog posts (The Nature of Framingham). At first, I was only looking for information.  What I found was talent, skill, inspiration, and motivation! These images will take your breath away, they're so beautiful!

This gallery was created so I could share the joy of these photos with my friends, my neighbors, and readers of my blog.

A very heartfelt thank you to the artists."

The gallery is still not completed, and not all the photographers have agreed to be on my blog, but I promise you it is amazing!  In fact, I am going to show a couple of the photos.  They will blow you away!

Wouldn't you kill to see this with your own eyes?  Up close and personal?  (I would, but I'm not as nice as you are!)  The artist suggests you view it large on flickr to get the full benefit.  It is a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron. It looks like something made by Disney Pixar films or something, but it is REAL!

I hear a night heron SQUAAAWKing every time we go to the cape, but I've never seen one. Now I will not rest until I have seen a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron for myself!

"No Photos, Please!", originally uploaded by Rhode2Boston.
Unless you know these species well, you probably won't see the resemblance between the last bird and this one. But this soulful youngster is a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron.  The two are pretty much cousins!  As I said in the gallery listing, this youngster stole my heart away. The face, the pose, the colors, and most of all the eyes - the photo is a masterpiece, and the bird impossible to resist!

More photos will be posted as they become available.  They are all amazing.  The gallery photos inspired me to work harder at my photography, and to work even harder on my birding skills.  The images are so good that I'm not even jealous - I'll never take photos in that league.

I just wish I could show these images to everyone in New England.  Anyone who sees them will be inspired to explore the outdoors, which sooner or later makes you care about the environment.  That is a good thing, always.


  1. I love the pensive, day-dreamy expression on the bird in the second photo. Or is he really just enjoying a good scratch?

  2. He reminds me of Rodin's statue, The Thinker. I can imagine he has the weight of the whole world in his eyes. He might be mourning the destruction of his habitat, or the tragic future of his species in light of a dwindling food chain.

    In reality the bird is only scratching and only thinking about scratching, but sometimes a photograph is more than just a snapshot of reality. Photography becomes 'art' when an image evokes emotion, or makes you think or wonder about more than the subject matter, or when it jumps off the page, or . . . I don't know. I can't explain art.

    But I know it when I see it!


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