Black-bellied Plovers

cutest plover sony copy
This is a juvenile Black-Bellied Plover.  Note the bright white belly, brown head, and brown polka-dotted feathers. 
DSC_1706 copy
Here is the little guy's Mom.  Of course!

black bellied plover sony copy
This black and white (or maybe grayish brown) guy is his brother.

DSC_1292 copy
This is his sister.  She is brown speckled, but with a reddish belly.  She has a longer tail and black tail feathers.

DSC_1234 copy
This grey bird with a facial mask and crew cut is the little bird's cousin.

BB plover with terns sony copy
And this is his Dad!  See how easy it is to recognize Black-bellied Plovers?   Now, can you ID the terns in this photo?  Terns are easy, too!

PS.  I'm joking.  I'm not certain of the ages, sexes, or even the species of any of the birds pictured here!


  1. Textbook pictures! Where did you shoot them?

  2. South Beach! Half of them were taken by my son, but together we shot 1200 pictures in 4 hours!


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