Great Blue Heron in Flight!

great blue closeup2
I finally did it! I finally got a decent Great Blue Heron photo! And he was FLYING, which makes it much harder to photograph. Unfortunately, it was entirely by accident. I sensed something big flying by, and shot blindly. I really don't remember seeing this in the viewfinder, even. But I'm thrilled, no matter how it happened. I have a whole bunch of other pictures from yesterday, but I think this image deserves a post of it's own!


  1. You sure did get a decent blue heron photo!! You don't need to explain how lucky you were - right time, right place, good equipment, patience, and luck - the last two I am becoming convinced are key ingredients in nature photography. Congrats! Hope I can get something as comparable someday.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I am still walking on air!


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