My favorite bird, my favorite place.

no trespassing water supply
Now I'm REALLY angry. A new NO TRESSPASSING sign that is misleading (at best) or perhaps blatantly deceitful! The Foss is NOT a public water supply. It hasn't been for 60+ years. And the reservoirs that ARE public water supplies allow fishing, hiking, even boating! This is WAR!

I walked up the driveway, fuming, looked to the left and saw a Great Blue Heron not 5 feet away from me. He was frozen, I was frozen - and when I lifted the camera, he flew off. I blame my obliviousness on the new sign, and get even madder! The squirrel saw it all, felt bad, and let me take his picture.

foss trimmed
They totally cleaned it up since I was here last. No wildflowers, no poison ivy, a manicured lawn, possibly sprayed for bugs . . . what is going on?

The view is as lovely as ever.

foss blue jay
There were tons of Blue jays out today, both here and at the Sudbury Reservoir later in the day.

I saw what I thought was a Turkey Vulture,

Then I thought it must be a Red-tailed hawk.

fosshawkvulture3 copy
At certain angles I even thought he was an Osprey. No Ospreys here, though. (I don't think)
CORRECTION:  There are Ospreys here.  Sorry for the erroneous information.

foss fall heron
As I'm leaving I glimpse something in the spillway pond. I crawl along the crest of the dam until I get a good look - and it's the heron again!

foss fall heron 2
I'm still unable to take a decent picture. It's always been a bit grimy, but now I think something is broken. I don't want to spend a fortune checking it out, though. Anyway, you can tell it is a GBH. It is a juvenile, I believe.

foss fall heron 5
And then he flew!

foss fall heron 6
He was really gorgeous and large, albeit a bit on the skinny side.

foss fall heron 7
He flew in a giant circle around me, out to Route 9, back around the gatehouse, and then into the trees on the left.

foss fall heron 8
Seeing my favorite bird at my favorite spot made me quite cheerful! It was a good morning, all things considered. (Not that I am going to let that sign go without a fuss - no, that will be addressed at a later date.)

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