Ring-necked Ducks on the Sudbury Reservoir.

mallarrd and mate
Monday afternoon, my son and I visited the Sudbury Reservoir. I wanted to find the unknown species of duck I thought I saw there the day before. At first we saw only Mallards. These two were pretty close to us. I thought they looked lovely against the reflected foliage.

mallarrd and mate2
A closer look revealed some kind of neck injury on the male. What the hell IS that?
NOTE:  I've been informed that the mallard could simply be molting, and it is probably not injured.  I failed to research that statement, obviously.  Sorry.

female mallard
The female on her own.

blue jay sudbury rs
Two of many Blue Jays seen on Monday.

sudbury chickadee
The only really decent picture I took that day: a cute little Chickadee!

ringnecked ducksony2  copy
Just as we were about to leave, my son spotted the mystery ducks! He took this photo, which clearly shows these are Ring-necked ducks.

sudbury res ducks copy
I still think there was another species of duck on the Sudbury Reservoir on both Sunday and Monday. I only saw them at a distance, but I think they were more black and white than the Ring-necks. I think this picture may include something different. I'm referring to the small black and white looking duck just right of center. On the other hand, it could be just a trick of the light.


  1. I'm not sure I'm ready for RNDU - they seem like a sign that winter is not far off.

  2. I really like the photo with the ring-necked ducks, like a painting with the ducks against a blue and gold background - intriguing composition.


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