Egrets from the Best New England Bird Photo Gallery!

DSC_0744-b, originally uploaded by hump7.
This is the most marvelous image of a Great Egret you will ever see! The photographer's name on Flickr is hump7,and if you take a few moments to peruse his photostream, you will be very impressed. I know I was! There are three of his photos in this gallery alone!

Snowy egret eating a fish, originally uploaded by ecoguy30.
I think this photo is an great juxtaposition of amazing and amusing! A more beautiful image of a Snowy Egret cannot be found, yet how can one resist a grin at the expression on his face? This is an example of the excellent work done by the photographer known as ecoguy30. His is one of the photostreams that I return to over and over again. You will too!

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