Something Never Seen Before!

feeder pigeons 2
Here's something I'll bet you've never seen before! I know I haven't, and there's been a bird feeder in my various back yards for 50 years! On the other hand, pigeons are really quite extraordinary looking birds when you see them as individuals.

pigeons grackle house sparrow
Yes, I'm paying good money to feed Grackles, House Sparrows, and Pigeons (aka Rock Doves). I also provide food for squirrels and chipmunks (albeit unintentionally!)

feeder pigeons sparrow
These guys are HUGE! The sparrow in the photo is a good indicator of their size.

feeder pigeons 4
These pigeons didn't actually eat anything. They evidently don't care for shelled seed, and they couldn't use the suet feeder.

feeder pigeons 5
They emptied the feeder onto the ground while looking for the occasional unshelled sunflower seed. All the ground critters were grateful for the unexpected treat. The grackle eventually chased them away, by the way.

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