Juvenile (Baby) Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Juvenile Redbreasted grosbeak
I finally captured him! My male juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak, looking a little more mottled and worse for wear than last weekend.

juvi redbreasted grosbeak 2
Who could not be enchanted by his baby-face. And he was calling so piteously for someone to feed him. He's not ready to go it alone!

juvi redbreasted grosbeak 4
He seems a bit put off by he uninvited company!

juvi redbreasted grosbeak 3
On top pf the unfamiliar stripes ans spotted appearance, this species could not be confused with another.

juvi redbreasted grosbeak 5
I feel privileged to even have seen one!

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  1. Beautiful capture! Great images, Susan. I am still waiting for my Grosbeak youngsters to show up.


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