Our Baby Carolina Wrens

baby wren feeder june 2011
The three tiny wrens have been out of the nest for almost two weeks now, but they still try and get back in almost every night.

baby wren food fight june 2011
It's hard enough to get thrown into the world before you're ready, but how nasty is it to have to fight off a bunch of screaming sparrows just for a morsel of food!

baby wren feeder 2  june 2011
He did manage a few bites between the hungry hordes of House Sparrows that have taken over the entire neighborhood!

baby wren gutter june 2011
This is a different baby, but he's homesick as well. He's in the gutter of the house looking longingly at the tiny nest in the wreath near my bedroom door.

A photo taken in the front yard last week. Carolina Wrens are just too cute for words!

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  1. I agree, Susan! I just love them!! You have some super cute captures here!!


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