Laughing Gull Love

courtship gulls 4
Laughing Gulls evidently pair up in May also, and they seem to have courtship rituals that closely resemble the terns. Arching one's neck is one move that always impresses the female Laughing Gulls.

courtship gulls 2
Loud calls appeared to play a role in Laughing Gull courtships, just as they did in the courtship rituals of Common Terns.

courtship gulls
Like the Common Terns, Male Laughing Gulls will bring gifts of food to potential mates.

courtship gulls 3
There was a whole lot of pairing up going on when we visited Pymouth Beach in May, 2011.

gull piggyback
There was a whole lot of mating going on, too. This 'piggy-back' position is really an introduction to intercourse for the gulls.


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the book. Thanks. I hoping things slow down so I have more time to read blogs - you love photos of the gulls and terns are good. Interesting how many bird courtship displays involve the stretching of the neck. Blackbirds to a lot of that.

  2. Susan, the first and fourth pics don't show up, but those that do are absolutely stunning!!

  3. Correction: the page loaded slowly and now all of them are there. Great post!


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