Beautiful Buzzards!

turkey vulture juneII falmouth
Who says turkey vultures are ugly?

turkey vulture in flight
turkey vultures are a thing of beauty in flight!

flying turkey  vulture
Turkey Vultures are MASSIVE. In many ways they are similar to American Eagles when seen circling high in the sky. Their wings sometimes look as straight and boardlike as an American Eagles', too.

flying turkey vulture b
Turkey Vulture's also soar on the winds like American Eagles, so they are sometimes misidentified as eagles. In reality, Turkey Vultures are somewhat smaller than an American Eagle, and their wings are more curved. A significant difference that can be seen even when far away is the slight dihedral shape (V-shape) of the Turkey Vulture's wings when soaring. An Eagle's wings are board straight.

turkey vulture cape jan 2011
If you are close enough to see the color patterns, there is no mistaking a Turkey Vulture for an Eagle - especially if you glimpse a small red head!

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