So Many Baby Birds, But . . .

sparrow fathers day
I saw SO MANY baby birds yesterday! I Spent 8 hours in a tent in my back yard trying to get a photo of the baby Red-breasted Grosbeak we saw early in the morning. But I never caught a glimpse of him again. For one thing, there are TOO MANY SPARROWS in my yard!

too many sparrows two
I'm not kidding. We have WAY TOO MANY sparrows right now. Either House Sparrows have giant broods or there were thousands of them to start with.

too many sparrows
It's like being overrun with rodents (which are also in far too plentiful a supply!)

sparrow feeding chick
But as much as they aggravate me, I can't hate them. It's not their fault they were introduced to an environment where they thrive much more than native species.

sparrow feeding chick two
They can also be very cute. The females always look so happy - and how can you resist a daddy sparrow helping his offspring learn how to survive!


  1. Cute pics! It's gratifying to see animal dads so dedicated to their offspring. To get away from sparrows maybe you should move to VT. The only place you find sparrows here is on farms where there's an abundance of grains.

  2. Thanks Hilke, but I'm not quite ready for that much peace and quiet yet. I like falling asleep to the hum of the Mass Pike. It's familiar and comforting. I love to visit the great state of Vermont, though!


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