American Oystercatchers sharing our vacation beach!

oystercatcher adult tahanto
A perfect vacation spot is one where you see a family of oystercatchers feeding on the beach in front of your rental, which is exactly what happened at our two week vacation in the Tahanto section of Pocasset!

oystercatcher adult tahanto 2
I love oystercatchers! They are very near the top of my list of favorite birds. I love the gorgeous and brilliant colors, but also love the family bonds formed by this species.

oystercatcher adult tahanto 3
Unlike last year, none of the local birds were banded, We did see banded birds at South Beach, however.

oystercatcher juvenile
This juvenile is somewhat older than the ones we saw in Chatham last year, but they are still learning how to find their own food and still are dependant on their parents care.

oystercatcher fishing
Evidently, it requires a lot of digging to find enough oysters to make a meal these days!

Unfortunately, the thousands of pictures we took during the past few weeks are going to take a long time to retrieve from my daughter's laptop. The Homegroup feature of windows 7 stinks out loud. It takes forever and the quality is badly degraded. Now my daughter's laptop is with her at school, and I don't know how long it will be before I get all my photos transferred. But, what the hell! It was a great vacation, we managed a ton of birding adventures, and we all added more than a few lifelisters during the trip! Eventually I'll have something to share. Wait till you hear about the big outing we shared with all the birders who blog, tweet, and chirp! That was a big adventure!


  1. Howdee Susan,
    It was a real pleasure meeting you Tom and Pete. Glad you were able to join us. I hope we can get together to bird again before we leave the area the end of October.

    I cant wait to see the photos you took with your camera.
    I have another post or two from our outing..just been a bit lazy.
    Hope you get your pictures from your daughters computer soon.

    I have been following your blog for a while now..I have been really impressed with the birding you do in your own backyard of Framingham.

    Happy Birding!

  2. I enjoy watching 'carrot bills' as well. Super set of images Susan. FAB.

  3. The comics of the bird world - love them!

  4. Hope you got my previous comment - comic birds and welcome back. I may have missed the code typing thing - what a pain.

  5. Thank you, Dawn. We all had a spectacular time! Pete was very taken by your husband, and I just loved everybody. What fun!

  6. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments very much. It would be fun to see you at the next trip, Chris! We'd love to you as well, Frank, but I imagine that is a bit to far to travel for you, eh?


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