Wriggly worm snatched by Plover prey!

plover gets the worm
I happened to get a peek at a semipalmated plover as he struggled to pull a worm from the sand. (Have you ever thought about how many worms must be just under our feet all the time? The idea doesn't thrill me all that much!) He almost had his lunch in hand when he dropped it . . .

plover gets the worm 2
And the worm immediately slivered back into the sand. Well, he tried, anyway.

plover gets the worm 3
But our plucky little plover snatched him back and started pulling for all he was worth.

plover gets the worm 4
He pulled and he pulled and he pulled until with a big slurping sound (or so I imagine) the wormed popped free.

plover gets the worm 5
And the brave little plover marched away with his lunch just as bold as brass - very daring when you consider all the gulls in the vicinity. As far as I know he managed to slip away and enjoy his lunch peacefully that day. Good for him!


  1. Nice sequence, especially with the reflection doubling the worm in length!

  2. Howdee Susan,
    Great Series! Must have been fun watching this happen!

    Hope we get to bird together again soon!

  3. Excellent sequence Susan Just goes to prove how tenacious these little Plovers are. FAB.

  4. Haha! Loved it...a very hard-working fellow. Wonderful photos!!

  5. What a cool moment to capture! I've never seen anything like it before.


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