Ospreys and Herons in Trees

monks osprey
A family of three Osprey could be seen in the trees behind the railroad tracks almost every evening. One afternoon, I was able to get extremely close to one perching Osprey.

monks osprey 3

What a beauty he is! Check out the size of his talons, too.

GBH Monks cove
In a fir tree a bit above the Ospreys you could usually count on a Great Blue Heron by afternoon. This bird seemed to rest every afternoon and hunt at dusk, which was a popular strategy in that cove.

GBH Monks cove 2
There a few mixed heron rookeries close by this location, but this bird was always seen alone.

GBH Monks cove 3
Maybe his offspring had already 'flown the nest', and he was enjoying the solitude and freedom.

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