Birds from Bourne

mute swan f ponds
We visited the Four Ponds Conservation Area in Pocasset when we were on vacation, and we found it to be a beautiful place with a variety of habitats and lots of trails to explore. This particular pond was graced with some lovely Mute Swans.

four ponds downy woodpecker 2
A winsome looking Downy Woodpecker made an appearance.

chickadee four ponds
Our much beloved state bird of Massachusetts, the Black-capped Chickadee, was well represented in the woods.

four ponds catbird
It seems as if everywhere you go on Cape Cod the woods are full of crying Catbirds, and this area was no exception.

imm american robin
I was very pleased to get a recognizable picture of a juvenile American Robin. You could say I've been waiting a whole year for this image! I saw one of these last year and suspected it was a young robin, but I couldn't be sure. This year I got a very good look.

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  1. Nice shot of the immature Robin. I had one on my lawn this summer and the pattern on the chest was so striking that at first I didn't recognize it as a Robin.


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