Seeing Semipalmated Plovers at the Seashore

plover pocasset july 2010
Here's a familiar shorebird friend, the Semipalmated Plover. Semipalmated Plovers are so named because of their partially webbed feet (semi = partly, palmate = webbed). Unfortunately , that's a feature you cannot see here because his feet are in the mud!

plover II  pocasset july 2010
There are a lot of similar looking plovers in the world, but if you see one like this around here, chances are it's a semipalmated. Semipalmated plovers gave have a single, dark neck band in all plumages.

plover III  pocasset july 2010
In breeding plumage the bill is distinctly black-tipped and orange-based, and a white dot is visible behind and above each eye.

plover IV  pocasset july 2010
In breeding plumage, the white forehead is surrounded by black. In non-breeding plumage, both the band and the head are brown instead of black, and the bill is more black than orange.


  1. A rare migrant visitor over here so I'm delighted to see one up close. FAB.

  2. Nice shots of the SP, particularly the second one!

  3. wonderful post and very nice photos.


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    Looking forward to meeting you next Saturday at the Birding outing BwBTC in Charleston RI.
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    Could you please email your number..I will email back.
    Dawn Fine

  5. Great photos Susan!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon.
    Please send your phone number for contact purposes for Saturdays outing.
    My email address is
    I will email my number to you as well.
    I should have a blog post up soon with more details about meeting place and time.


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