A Close Encounter with Great Egrets

egret pocasset July 30 2010
We had time for a very short trip to Pocasset on Saturday, and our first stop was our favorite conservation area. When we left the path and entered the marsh, we found ourselves face to face with a Great Egret! We snapped away until he noticed us and took off screeching. Two others joined him in a thunder of giant flapping wings and loud calls.

egret flying pocasset III
A Great Egret in flight is a marvelous thing to behold. The massive wingspan, the translucent wings, the graceful body, and the striking contrast of bright white, jet black, and bold yellow combine to create a masterpiece in the air.

egret flying pocasset II
The size of a Great Egret's wings compared to it's body allows them to take of more gracefully than many other large birds.

egret flying pocasset V
The three we surprised at the Leary Conservation area in Bourne made quite a loud protest at our trespass. They circled overhead for a few moments before landing on the other side of the marsh.

egret flying pocasset IV
Looks a little like an angel, doesn't it?

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