Raptors Roost on House Chimneys in Framingham!

red tailed hawk chimney 8 2008
We were packing up the car for a weekend wedding in Vermont when my husband glanced up and saw a big raptor on the chimney.

red tailed hawk chimney IV 8 2008
What a stunningly beautiful bird, huh? A big guy, too. He was surveying the yard as if checking out the various meals to be had at each of the very crowded feeders.

red tailed hawk chimney III 8 2008
Since Red Tails aren't known for eating feeder birds, I'm not sure why he seems so interested.

red tailed hawk chimney II 8 2008
I was impressed to he could turn his head nearly as far as an owl!

red tailed hawk chimney V 8 2008
For an idea of the odd scenario we are seeing here, and the size of this bird, here is a look from afar.


  1. Wow, you have the coolest visitors to your house! We so enjoyed having you all at the wedding.

  2. Karen -

    It was the BEST WEDDING EVER!! We all had a blast. Thank you for inviting us!

  3. Hi Susan. A magical wildlife moment so superbly shot. FAB.


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