Fawn in the Backyard!

backyard fawn 1
I was surprised to a spotted fawn and her mother in the backyard around 11:00 this morning.

backyard fawn
I've seen mother and fawn in the yard before, but it is usually around dawn. I was so shocked I practically scared them both away running for my camera and fumbling to turn it on. I didn't have time to change any settings, so what you see is what I got!

backyard fawn 2
The fawn has actually grown quite a bit since the last time I saw her. She is still half the size of her mother, but she looks more graceful and doe-like. Still has her spots, though!

fawn fly 2
I was frantically snapping pictures through the window, and this little one flicked her ears at every shutter click. I didn't even get a real close look at her until I reviewed the images this afternoon. That is when I noticed there was something on her face in every picture. It turned out to be a big, fat fly.

fawn fly
My husband said the biting flies we saw at the cape were deer flies (as opposed to horse flies or green flies, who bite as well). It took a ton of bug spray to keep those flies away from us. I just hope the deer are thick-skinned about it, because those things really hurt!


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  2. Fumbling for the camera when an opportunity like this presents itself, I think a lot of us can relate.

    Great capture and moments!

  3. A delightful and magical encounter. FAB.

  4. The pictures are great. Enlarging the photos I could also see the deer fly - you must have a really clean window! If it hurt too much I would expect the fawn to shake off. So it must not be that bad.


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