Face to face with an Osprey!

Osprey pocasset 1 July 30 2010
A quick trip down the Cape yielded some great birding. One of the highlights of the day was my husband getting these amazing closeup shots of an Osprey as circled overhead. In this picture, the Osprey is looking at the photographer as if he is potential prey.

Osprey pocasset 2 July 30 2010
A man-made Osprey nest at this location was occupied, but it was impossible to tell from our location whether the two black and white birds on the nest were young Ospreys. If so, their parents would be hard pressed to provide enough food for two full grown but still dependant offspring.

Osprey pocasset 3 July 30 2010
There are usually osprey to be seen at this marshy location, but rarely do they descend this low with humans about.

Osprey pocasset 4 July 30 2010
A magnificent predator, the osprey is also has a magnificent and intimidating appearance. In my opinion, they are as impressive as our other large black and white predator species, the American Eagle!


  1. Awesome photos! Looking forward to seeing you in Stowe.

  2. Thanks, Karen. We can't wait for the big event!

  3. Nice one-on-one photos of an osprey!


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