Petes Puffins, Glossy Ibis, Black Guillemots, Common Loon, etc.

puffin 2
Pete and Melinda went to Maine for the weekend, and saw so many birds that I am very jealous. I will try not to show it, though. They went on a boat and saw PUFFINS! I love puffins! They are so adorable that they look like cuddly toys.

Look at him! He is irresistible! People have seen the occasional straggler in Massachusetts, but you really have to go north for puffins.

glossy ibis
A Glossy Ibis! This really hurts. Glossy Ibis are right at the top of my 'must see' list. Evidently Maine is a birder's paradise! Who knew?

How about this beautiful Common Loon? Stunning, really. I have seen Common Loons before, but I want to hear one making a spooky call across the water. I don't know if he got to hear this loon calling - I kind of hope he didn't! (How petty can I be, right?)

Northern Parula Warbler
This little beauty is a Northern Parula Warbler. How gorgeous are those colors? What a stunning and glorious little bird.

This is a Black Guillemot (rhymes with 'spill-a-lot'), which breeds along the coasts of Canada and Greenland. It is a member of the puffin family. One notable feature of the Black Guillemot is it's bright red feet!

Her is a bunch of Black Guillemots on the rocks. If you look carefully you can see the bright red feet. Pete and Melinda saw even more species than I included here on their weekend trip to Maine. I am now convinced that a trip to Maine is in my future as well. After all, I have family there!

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