Black-capped Chickadee, the Massachusetts State Bird

chickadee close
Wednesday was a beautiful day, and I actually shot these pictures OUTSIDE! Not through the window like the last hundred or so backyard pics! This chickadee was hungry enough to swoop past me to the feeder a few times, so I got some good close-ups.

chickadee close up 2
One more short hop and he'll reach the food.

chickedee wings in motion
Whoa! He missed the target! Cool wing shot, though.

chickadee close up
I love the delicate reddish tints and the many rich shades of gray capped off (get it?)with jet black on brilliant white.

chickadee close up 4
Caught in mid landing!

chickadee close up 3
I think everyone loves chickadees. Surely everyone in Massachusetts does, anyway.

chickadee close up 6
I love all the onomatopoeia bird names (birds named after the sound they make), but the chickadee is by far the best one. It even sounds cute! I know I was really tiny when my mom taught me to recognize both the chickadee-dee-dee and the phoe-be sounds. I taught my kids to recognize both chickadee sounds when they were really young, too.

chickadee close up 5
I snapped this one as he grabbed the seed and started taking off. I didn't exactly freeze the action here, but personally I like the wings-in-motion look.


  1. The chickadee is my favorite bird. He's always around....always singing...always making me happy! Beautiful photos...

  2. Delightfully enchanting species with such an inquisitive nature. Lovely photo Susan. FAB.

  3. beautiful images of the chickadees - and the wren - stunning!

  4. Such an active beautiful bird. I particularly like the motion pictures.


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