The Blizzard that wasn't

For the last two days I have spent 2 hours each morning wandering around the town in the cold, looking for something to photograph. I got nothing either day. It was humiliating. Then I went home and got great shots of the backyard taken through the windows. Evidently, that is all I can do now; take pictures through windows. How embarrassing! I am going back to photographing trees. You can ALWAYS get a good picture of a tree!

squirrel snowstorm
I took about a hundred backyard pictures today, but I'm only posting a few from the snowstorm that almost wasn't. This guy took refuge from the storm inside a giant white pine.

squirrel snowstorm2
If he looks a little scary here, I suspect it was the flash. I needed it because it was so damned dark and snowy!

another squirrel snowstorm
Everybody started eating like crazy when the snow started.

dark eyed junco snow
Yup, the snow in my yard is more black than white. Under the feeders, anyway.

dark eyed junco snow 2
Nobody seems to mind, however.

grackle snow
My Common Grackle came back, too! He is not so shiny in the snowstorm.

grackle snow2
Actually, it is the gray sky and lack of colored light that diminishes his colors.

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