Carolina Wrens in the Snow

carolina wren suetfeeder
I didn't know wrens ate suet!

carolina wren suet
The snow was falling, and I thought I saw a goldfinch at the suet feeder, but it wasn't a goldfinch. It was a Carolina Wren.

carolina wren snow feeder
This is the new woodpecker suet my husband bought for me. I guess Carolina wrens like it too! Don't you love his profile?

carolina wren one
I'm in love once again!

carolina wren two
Love that alert little face that morphs into a body.

carolina wren suet 3
Carolina Wren in the snow. Doesn't sound right, does it?

carolina wren suet 2
Suet is high in fat (all fat, really), and good to eat when the weather turns bad.


  1. Nicely captured Susan with that prominent eye stripe. Over here our Wren is fairly secretive and keeps under cover when feeding so pretty rare to be seen on any feeder. FAB.

  2. Nice shots!! The Carolina wrens are usually quite vocal, even in the winter. I heard one the other day when out for a walk but never caught sight of it.

  3. Great pictures Susan. That's one bird that's not in our area so look to see pictures of them.


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