Gray Nuthatch on a Gray Day

Gray Day Gray Bird
It stopped raining for a few seconds yesterday while I was near the river, so I went into the woods to see what I could see. The river was overflowing it's banks and flowing very fast. No ducks in sight, but I did catch a glimpse a White breasted Nuthatch.

Nuthatch in the Rain
A gray little bird that blended in well with the overcast sky and foggy forest.

Nuthatch Sudbury
Nuthatches are striking birds, but like everything else they look better with a little more light than was available today.

White breasted Nuthatch
Kinda nice profile shot.

bird on branch per colographicalchemy
This was a poor imitation of a dramatic/artistic shot until it was much improved by colographicalchemy, a flickr photographer with artistic talents and superb post processing skills. Thanks again, colographicalchemy.

Rainy Day on the River
I ended with a magical photo where everythong glitters like diamoands. (That would be nice!)

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  1. ...I always love coming across these fellows in the woods. I love that little yank, yank sound on a winter's day. I like your shots. You've perfectly captured a grey, wet day...


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