Glorious, Glimmering, Gorgeous Grackles

glorious grackle
Any bird, animal, or other sort of creature that has such shiny, iridescent colors as this bird has, is, by definition, a glorious animal.

Not everyone will agree that Common Grackles are gorgeous, but I declare them so.

where the hell is it
Even cross-eyed, they are lovely. To me, anyway.

grackle seated
Even when they are sitting down in a rather ridiculous manner, I am smitten by that crazy shine!

grackle revealed
I have read that it is typical for ADD people to be hopelessly attracted to all things shiny and shimmery. I admit to having that trait, which might influence my love of grackles.

grackle littered with leaves
This bird was tossing piles of dead leaves around in frenzy. He was searching for something extra good, I guess.

glimmering grackle
But even if grackles are common, and at times greedy and disinclined to share, they have such marvelous colors!,

grackle throwing leaves
Colors that only appear in certain lights and at certain angles, which is as good a description as any of magical colors, right?

grackle decorated
If you look at this picture LARGE, you'll see how he's decorated his face.

first view mystery bird
This is what I saw first. I didn't have a clue what this strange bird was, or what it was doing.


  1. A beautiful but a very noisy bird. I love to see them, but I always know when they show up.

  2. Nice pictures, Susan. I am very fond of black birds in general. Most of them are very intelligent, and some of them may have their own language such as boat-tailed grackles which I recently observed in Florida.

  3. I was awakened this morning by what sounded like our neighbor sweeping and/or shuffling through leaves leftover from last autumn. Instead, I discovered four grackles busily searching/burying something against the basement window of the neighbor's house. I'd love to know what they're thinking or what they're doing. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!


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