Tufted Titmouse; Lovely in Motion

tufted titmouse on the wing
Gray day. Gray bird, too. But love the stop-action look of those lovely translucent wings!

tufted titmouse closeup
Here he is up close.

tufted titmouse sudbury river
Really big eyes - which is a feature that elicits the parenting instinct in humans, and often elicits the cute word, as well.

tufted titmouse sudbury river eating
He is really after something in that tree!

tufted titmouse sudbury river eating 2
It looks like he will get it one way or another, too!


  1. Those stop actions are tough - last pic looks like he's confused and thinks he's a nuthatch.

  2. I don't think I've ever captured a stop-action shot of wings on a bird that isn't gliding! Very cool.... These guys do seem to have really big eyes. It always look like they have mascara on that smeared a bit up top (and....oops....I think I might be the biggest abuser of the word "cute" that there is!).


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