Sunday on the Sudbury

A Sunday stroll near the river only resulted in one decent picture - so, of course, it must have been shot by my husband! Nonetheless, it was my first Nuthatch image this year!

nuthatch heading down
The nuthatch went up, down, and around the tree - as nuthatches tend to do.

nuthatch tail
Believe it or not, you are looking at the nuthatches tail from below. From this angle his tail looks red, not white.

chickadee bittersweet 2
Both of us captured dozens of chickadees on camera. I like these images because of the contrast with the tangled vines.

chickadee bittersweet
Chickadee preening. They must feel safe among all the protective vines.

spring buds maybe
I think these buds are a sign that spring really is approaching!


  1. Nice angle on the nuthatch underside - and your previous posts - disturbing - too many officials in the pockets of corporate polluters - and we pay!

  2. Wow- what great contrast on the picture of the Chickadee! Your camera/photo skills are amazing :)

    Let's go birding together very soon!! I'll throw some dates out there on our email thread.


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