Nature Posters of Framingham

Dead Wood Poster
Bad weather and bad health have kept me inside for a while, and I'm sick of taking pictures of sparrows through the window. I decided to make some artistic/educational posters just for fun. I like the artwork on this one about the benefits of standing dead and downed trees in our forests.

Sudbury River Poster
This shot was taken near my Mom's new assisted living facility, a beautiful place called Carmel Terrace in Framingham. It is right on the Sudbury River.

Great Blue Heron Poster
I'd love to print this one and hang it up all over town. I meet so many people that are astounded to learn of the huge GBH population in Framingham.

Twisted birches
Another artistically enhanced image that was originally shot at Carmel Terrace.

Tree Growths
The last picture of a poster for my Posters of Framingham blog post. (Say that three times fast!)

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