Underwater Attack at Broadmoor

broadmoor canadian goose
This image was taken at Broadmoor in Natick minutes before a terrible fracas began, yet the goose looks wary and alarmed, as if he knows trouble is coming. Maybe he sensed some sort of danger, or maybe he saw or heard something I didn't notice.

goose terrified of otters
A very loud chorus of honks drew my attention, and I saw what looked like a torpedo heading for a pair of agitated geese. The underwater projectile was moving fast and headed straight for one goose, who panicked and tried to escape.

terrified goose 2
In his panic, the goose squawked and stumbled across the water with something in the water following at high speed.  I was trying to convince myself there were no crocodiles or alligators in Natick, even though that's what I seemed to be seeing.

terrified goose 4
By then a small crowd had gathered. I was still taking pictures of the goose, but most people were watching the wake of the still invisible assassin. Whatever it was traveled at lightening speed, and sometimes skipped along the surface like a skimming stone.

terrified goose 5
The goose finally managed to get airborne.

broadmoor goose flying
He was still honking at the top of his lungs as he flew.

broadmoor geese flying two
His mate was right behind him, making quite a ruckus herself. I didn't look to see the predator until the birds were safely in the air. (I am as curious as the next person, but I also have a thing for taking pics of birds in flight.)

broadmoor geese flying
It turned out that the "attacker" was a pair of cavorting otters! The otters were playing - and they played a great trick. They went right underneath the goose - and I think they goosed him! The otters were adorable and agile.

swimming otter Broadmoor
I only got one blurry picture of a sleek little otter's head breaking the surface of the water, but you can clearly see that it is an otter and not a beaver or muskrat. What a show they put on for us!


  1. This is a great post - you kept things on the edge. In a lot of places (hopefully all much further south) an alligator might be a threat to a goose, but in the north there is not much that can take them on, especially from below. I think you are right that the otters were playing with the goose; I would imagine they can have fun, but not really be a threat.

  2. That was an awesome catch... I thought I was going to see big sharp bloody teeth. but I guess a couple of playful Otters could ruin your day if you were a Goose hehe

    Keep up the good work!
    -Charles Barone

  3. Susan, I held my breath while reading your post. A happy ending - what a relief! Good action photos too!

  4. A great headline would have been "Jaws Sighted at Broadmoor". Great photos!


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