Duck, Duck, Goose

broadmoor duck
I went to Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick last weekend to see the Grebe that had been there all week, but I never saw him. I saw lovely mallards by the dozen, however.

Broadmoor Mallard
The sheen of a male mallard's head is gorgeous in the sunlight. The sun speckled water was pretty, as well.

broadmoor mallards dappled light
Late fall colors are far different than the riotous hues of peak foliage season, but the muted colors are lovely in their own right.

mallards Broadmoor
There were mallards all over the place. All the vegetation at Broadmoor provides great cover for water birds; even male mallards are hard to see. If there was any other species of duck around, I didn't see any sign of them.

Broadmoor ducks in flight
One the other hand, who could complain about seeing too many mallards? They are beautiful, after all!

reflected goose Broadmoor
Canadian Geese are lovely in their own right, too. Even lovelier if they are perfectly reflected in sun dappled water, like this one.

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