I Love Corvids, but . . .

. . . not so much when I'm trying to sneak up on birds to photograph them!

The crows (and jays) always sound the alarm on me, and the other birds scatter.

Corvids (Crows, Jays, and Ravens) are the smartest birds on the planet, you know.

It is annoying when they loudly announce my presence, but I like it when they sound the alarm for really dangerous beasts like hawks and cats!


  1. You did a pretty good job of sneaking up on them - they drove me nuts this spring when I tried to take pictures through the kitchen window. They could detect the movement. Sounding the alarm for really dangerous creatures - humans have been their biggest enemy. They don't dare stay around to discover that you are corvid friendly. Especially when we birders/photographers point long things at them - some long things go bang - not click, click.

  2. lol oh for heaven's sake. Go to the site for NPR radio and do a search on crows. Excellent info as they recognized human faces, one from another. Granted, my favorite bird ever is the common raven. However, as scarce as they seem to be in New England I have substituted crows for the time being. You want to photograph them? FEED them. Consistently. I have a few of the big guys who spot my car on my way to the office, further and further away each day. They greet me, raucously, upon arrival and, after I'm at my 2nd floor office window, frequently see me watching and will fly straight towards me only to start suddenly upward to the roof above. It's a pleasure and a privilege to enjoy even this small measure of camaraderie. Cassie


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