Red-bellied Woodpeckers Out Back

redbellied 1
This Red-bellied Woodpecker is going to show us his pecking technique.

redbellied 2
When you find a big hole like this one, you have to feel all around it with your bill.

redbellied 3
Make sure you run your beak all the way around the inner edge so that nothing can stick to the inner lip of the hole.

redbellied 4
Then grab hold and PULL! (In addition to grubs and worms, Red-bellied woodpeckers collect nuts and berries, and often hide nuts in tree cavities to eat when food becomes scarce. That is definitely a nut; I don't think grubs are so large!)
redbellied 5
Now, doesn't he look the cat that swallowed the canary!


  1. Nice series, Susan. When trying to photograph red-bellied woodpeckers I usually find that they are too shy to hold still for anything. As soon as they spot even the tiniest of movements, they are off.

  2. Hilke, I can't believe they put up with me following them around and taking pictures with a FLASH going off. (It is not the best way to cope with early morning shadows, but I was fed up after a few dozen failed shots!)


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