Gulls and Swans at Farm Pond, Framingham

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond
The day after I had the up close encounter with the Great Blue Heron at Charles's lake, I went to Farm Pond in Framingham in the afternoon. No exotic ducks or herons in boats, but quite a few gulls were around.

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 2
Ring-billed gulls outnumbered all other species that day.

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 3
I managed quite a few shots of the gulls in flight.

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 4
I took pictures from all angles!

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 5
This one appears to be kicking his feet with joy, right?

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 6
The lines in the water make a great backdrop for this gull as he is tiptoeing over the water.

Ring-Billed Gull Farm Pond 7
Wing tips up, tail flap down for takeoff!

mirrored gulls
An artistic rendering of the gulls reflected in the glass-like surface of the pond.

farm pond gatehouse
The Farm Pond gatehouse dates back to the 19th century when Farm Pond was part of the earliest aqueduct system providing water to the city of Boston.

Unknown swan Farm Pond Framingham
Thanks to Corvid01 (a photographer featured in one of my Best New England Bird Photograph Galleries), I learned that the small dark swan in the center is a juvenile/1st fall mute swan in dark plumage. Now, that is a cool sighting, right?


  1. Love your Ring-billed Gull shots Susan! Will definitely give you an email before heading to the Sudbury Res again so you can look at all of those wonderful Goldeneyes!

  2. ...those first two shots are stellar! (...and your Blue Jays in the previous post are beautiful!!)


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