Charles's Pond was a Wonderland!

great blue heron golden eye
A Great Blue Heron from about 10 feet away! And this happened AFTER I thought I had finished my best photography day ever!

heron in charles boat
I went around back for one last look at the lake, and the GBH was sitting on Charles's boat! I had searched for him ALL DAY without success, but now he let me creep up close and shoot over 100 images for more than 45 minutes!

charles heron up close
Charles is a friend of my daughters, and it's thanks to him that I had my finest photography day ever. Charles's apartment is right on Chandler Pond in Brighton, MA (across from St. John's Seminary on Lake St.)

great blue heron brighton ma
Charles and Meg had often told me about the resident Great Blue Heron on the lake, and I went there today to try for a photo. I never expected to get so close or have such a long photo op!

merganser brighton ma
I never expected a Hooded Merganser, either! MY FIRST! Another lifer! He was the very first thing I saw when I approached the lake early this afternoon.

mergansers 2 brighton ma
Here is the male and the female Hooded Merganser. I love that fuzzy, spiky head she has!

hooded merganser brighton flying
I even managed to catch him taking off, which was a breathtaking sight!

female hooded merganser
A closer look at the female Hooded Merganser.

merganser reflection
I didn't know what I was looking at when I shot this picture! A closer look reveals it is a male Hooded Merganser with his head facing backwards and reflected on the water's surface.

merganser on golden pond
Another reflected merganser.

mallard at charles house crop
I also captured the best mallard shots I've ever taken on Charles's lake today. Here is a nice reflected Mallard looking regal (and a little perturbed at me).

mallard grooming
A mallard in the shade at the water's edge.

female mallard brighton
A beautiful female mallard.

mad mallard
A gorgeous male giving me a wary look.

There are more exciting pictures from Brighton still to come. And I have over 100 photos from Charles's pond that haven't even been downloaded yet. There could be dozens more that are winners! Thank you, Meg and Charles, for giving me my best photography day EVER. It was exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it most, if you know what I mean.


  1. Charles Pond may have been wonderful, but your photos are super. Wow! One of the best series you've posted. Sharp, varied, detailed - great!

  2. You have gotten some awesome photos! Everyone of them unique. Love the male Hoodie taking off and the singular expression of the male Mallard! Beautiful shots of the Great Blue Heron too!


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