Rainy and Cloudy Day Backyard Birds

cloudy jay2
OK, it is not rare or unusual, BUT . . .it was taken on a dark and cloudy day! I finally figured out that I can take pictures without full noonday sun and a cloudless sky! Eureka!

cloudyday  jay
Everyone else already knows how to do this, so I won't describe the process.

cloudy day jay3
Didn't the colors come out nice?

cloudy jay
Like the Mohawk 'do?

This was taken through the skylight (which is filthy. How do you clean the outside, anyway?)

blue jay in the rain
My first rainy day picture. (I've improved somewhat since.)

Blue Jay 1250
Rainy day, also.

colors of pine
The junco's tail gives a clue to what I'm doing differently!

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  1. I have been over run with Blue Jays this fall, 10 at a time thrashing through the feeders spilling seed! Hogs! They are so pretty though, and gregarious.


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