Autumn Colors in Framingham

farm pond reflect2
The day after my exciting encounter with Charles's Great Blue Heron, I didn't get a single decent image in the morning. When I went to Farm Pond in the afternoon, I had a little better luck shooting pictures of gulls. I was still a little disappointed, though, because I was light-years away from taking spectacular photos like I had the day before. On the other hand it was a beautiful day, especially with the water sparkling and shimmering in every direction. These images illustrate the beautiful nature of Framingham on a late autumn day.

farm pond reflect
Late autumn colors reflected in the lily-pads at Farm Pond.

The bright yellow leaves shine like gold in the afternoon sun.

farm pond wetlands art
A Monet interpretation of Farm Pond in Framingham, Massachusetts.

farm pond factory
This office building was once a factory. The golden light makes it appear magical.

farm pond train
Even the commuter rail looks gorgeous when reflected in the lake!

farm pond late fall
Only a couple trees are hanging onto their leaves. It was almost 70 degrees last Sunday, but winter is really only a heartbeat away!


  1. ...love your reflective shots. That first photo is fairly glowing!! (The commuter rail does look cool!)

  2. Beautiful photographs! The remind me of landscapes in HDR

  3. When I first looked at your fourth pic, I thought Monet & impressionism, and then I read your label. Did you see it as such before taking the photo? Whatever, a great eye. The first two photos were breathe taking as well. Good work!


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